Re-ment Vintage Home Appliances 7-10 + SP (2st Part)

Last week I posted the first part of this wonderful Re-ment retro home appliance set. I posted the photos here and also on other social media where I share my miniature hobby. Lots of friends left positive feedbacks to this set and some of them had experience of owning the real things relate to the miniature toys in the photos in the past. I personally have little memory of using the real things in my life because I was little when we possibly had the retro-style water bottle or that TV. But I still like them so much. Vintage things make me feel peaceful and dependable.

Click here to see Re-ment Vintage Home Appliances 1-6.

Now let's go on enjoying the rest of the retro home tour.

7. Sewing Machine + Sewing Storing Box

Comparison of the sewing machine in this set and the one in Re-ment French Sundries.

8. Iron + Board

9. Heater + "Hot Water Bag"

10. Pay Phone

My friend said she saw a real one looking exactly like this when she traveled to Japan.

SP. Rice Cooker + Rice Barrel

You may not see a real rice barrel like this in life. But we did have one when I was little. The buttons you saw on it were used for regulating the rice outpouring.

The SP rice cooker is a different color version. It's the same style as the white one in this set.

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Now you saw all the things in this set. How do you feel? I hope you enjoy the photos and have a wonderful weekend. 

Re-ment Vintage Home Appliances 1-6 (1st Part)

Re-ment Vintage Home Appliances is my all-time favorite Re-ment set. It was released in October 2006 and soon became popular among Re-ment collectors. Today the price of this set gets really high because it’s very rare to find a complete set in the market. Good news is that many later Re-ment sets have produced similar miniatures as in this one such as the rice cooker and the TV set.

There are too many things to introduce so in this post I'll finish half of the set (box 1-6). There are 11 boxes in this big set because I also have the secret box.

1. Rice Cooker + Water Bottle

Comparison of 3 rice cookers:

Comparison of 3 water bottles:

The things in this photo are from Re-ment Retro Girls' Treasures:

2. Toaster + Blender

3. TV Set

4. Radio + Vintage CD Recorder

5. Telephone Set

6. Fan + Weighing-machine + Hair Dryer

Let me introduce my first Dal doll. I wasn’t into Dal dolls at first until I was attracted by Jane’s post introducing ( them. Jane posted great dal photos and gradually I started liking Dal dolls. My first Dal was a used nude doll when I found her on Jauce. I thought her makeup was rare among Dal dolls so I bought her. Her original hair was removed so I ordered a new wig on eBay. I always want a doll with pink hair so now she looks good to me. I named her Susan. 

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What's your favorite so far?
The second part will be posted soon (may be next week).