Re-ment French Sundries

Being a Re-ment fan, one thing I regret may be that I didn't learn Japanese. I know it will be more interesting if I understand what was told on the paper in each box. Today I got an email from Jeleewu. Jeleewu uses the same Chinese Sylvanian forum as I do and she/he told me that she/he saw my comment about not understanding the paper. So I was introduced and lead to this great website that I have to share with you here:, this website was created by Dora (thank you so much Dora!) and it has the translation page where you will find paper translation for some Re-ment sets. Luckily, the French Sundries set was translated and the link is:

1. Paris Kitchen
Dora's translation: In my house there are lots of cute pink antique kitchenware. Mama received them from her mother’s mother and treasures them very much. I love the cookies Mama makes. My particular favorite is the cookies made from a fish mold. But when I help out, I’m told that it looks like I’m just playing pretend. Is that true?

2. I love bathtime
Dora's translation: I love taking a bath! And I lo-ve soap! My favorite is the soap sets with many different small soaps. They are so cute with lots of colors and scents. The long Marseille Soap that everyone uses must be cut little by little to use. It’s always my job to cut it! It’s so fun!

3. Being a Lady
Dora's translation: Isn’t the red mini sewing machine cute? “In order to become a lovely lady,” Mama said taught me how to sew. But it’s so difficult! Isn’t it amazing how Mama often makes my clothes? Right now I can only sew in a straight line, but if you need a straight line – leave it to me!

4. The Market
Dora's translation: Lately I’ve been able to run errands by myself. When I pay at the register I feel a little bit like I’ve become an adult. Sometimes people even give me some freebies, so it’s fun!
Today’s Grocery List
- Baguette
- Olive Oil
- High Grade Butter in Wooden Basket
- Carton of 6 Eggs
- Pickled Olives
- Orange Compote
- Garlic
I wonder what is for tonight’s dinner?

5. Let’s go to the flea market!
Dora's translation: The Flea Market Papa and I always go to. It’s a fun place with lots of different things. Papa bought the typewriter he wanted and I also bought me a blue airplane bag, an empty yogurt bottle, and a cute thermometer. Yay! We bought former singer Catherine Love’s, old record as a gift for Mama. Papa said that “Mama will feel nostalgic and happy!”. When I get back, I’ll try listening with her.

6. Cute Cheese Shop
Dora's translation: Whenever I go the cheese shop, there’s so many cheeses, I don’t know which to choose! I like soft white cheese the most. I can’t eat the really strong smelling type yet. Papa and Mama often eat cheese while drinking wine after dinner. I like eating cheese on top of bread. Yum.

7. Mama’s Favorite
Dora's translation: Mama is into aromatherapy. She uses herbs and fragrant smelling oils to make her own perfume. It’s almost like an interesting lab experiment you would do at school. I want to try, but it’s still too hard for me to measure and divide the quantities. I like to spend time soaking my feet in the foot bath like this.

8. Break at the Cafe
Dora's translation: At an open air cafe, I finally take a break. This is my favorite cafe. The reason I like it is because of the cups and biscuit-shaped coasters. When I first saw them I thought they were real biscuits, so it really seemed like I could eat them!

9. My Room
Dora's translation: Welcome to my cool room. With the cloud wallpaper, it feels like you are in the middle of the sky, doesn’t it? Inside my room there are lots of toys!! Recently my favorite has been the mailbox-shaped bank that received from the post office. I put coins into it, but I wonder when it will ever be full?

10. When Guests Come Over!
Dora's translation: Whenever guests come over, we entertain with our red polkadot tea set. It’s strange but somehow, the same exact same tea we always drink tastes so much better from the polkadot tea set. I bet drinking with everyone together is the reason it feels like it tastes better.

French Sundries is one of my favorite Re-ment sets because they are well designed. For example, the egg carton is made of plastic instead of paper and can open or close; the yellow typewriter can be inserted a paper on the top. The set also look nice to decorate a dollhouse, and aren't very plastic-like. 


  1. 呢啲re-ment係咪好耐之前出架啦?

  2. Every set is absolutly gorgeous! But I love the sewing machine!!! May I ask, where you buy re-ment stuff? I would love to get some of these... :)

    1. Hi Kyra, most of my re-ment and sylvanian families are purchased from Japanese Auction website. So they were shipped from Japan. I don't read Japanese so I use an international shopping angent website:

      Old Re-ment sets are getting more and more expensive but still, even plus the service fee, in this way it's cheaper than eBay. Let alone you will always find rare vintage toys in Japan. But the international shipping fee is high!!! So in order to lower the shipping cost I usually keep my won-bidding items in their warehouse for 2 months (after that you need pay extra) to get maximum items shipping together to even the cost.

    2. Thank you very much! I'll take a look. Here in Germany nobody sells or knows Re-ment. I fear the shipping costs:D.

  3. Thanks for the fantastic link! All of these sets are so darling, but my favorites are the sewing machine, flea market, and aromatherapy sets. Your photos in mini scenes are amazing. Too cute! xo Jennifer

    1. Hi Jeniffer! I know I refered this before but didn't know if you see it. I have collected Re-ment for a while and have duplicated boxes that I would like to share with some blog friends. Maybe it sounds awkward but really no pressure, it's not gift exchange and anyway, they are not useful lying in my storage room. So if you are interested, email me your mailing address to and I would be happy to send you some.

  4. Ah the famous and elusive French Sundries sets!!!! I have always wondered what they look like in detail. Thanks for sharing the photos and the close ups!!! I really can't decide which one is my favorite set. Not that I could afford any of them LOL but it's really amazing how Re-ment was such high quality back then. It's still pretty good nowadays but I think the quality and details of the items is not as wonderful as it used to be. Seeing those old sets really make this obvious. I hope one day they will re-create some of those wonderful items in a new set. Like the sewing machine and the tiny kid's toys!

    1. Thank you Jane. I agree that and hope the same thing that they will re-create some wonderful old theme. The good news is that Re-ment is now processing a realistic set design. It's about 80's theme and it covers some old classical ideas in the past. You can see the design picture here:
      It's the 4th picture from the top I think.

    2. Jane, I sent you a flickrmail. lol.

  5. Great sets! I love the box of soaps. I would really like to buy some re-ment things, but if I collect Sylvanian Families and re-ment I think I might go broke, haha! I was wondering if you have ever used rinkya? I am not sure if it would be better to use jauce or rinkya. Have you had a good experience with jauce? :)

    1. Hi Paige! I never used rinkya but I know this one. One of the reasons I chose to use jauce because their website is really neat. I personally think it 's more organized than rinkya. I am so far happy with jauce. They respond your email quickly if you send questions. Also they did a great job of packing your stuff together. In my experience nothing was broken when they came to me, and even the boxes were never damaged.

    2. Thank you!! I think I am leaning towards jauce because I find it easier to browse their website.

  6. Everything looks just great, and so cute! I can't decide which set is the best =) I really like the liquid soap, and all the colourful soaps =) And that sewing machine is wonderful.

    1. Thank you Hannah. The sewing machine is my favorite. :D

  7. 法國雜法又係一經典食玩, 可惜當年我無買FULL BOX, 只有幾款....好想要呀!

    1. 当年你买了其他那么多重复款,怎会不买全一盒法国杂货呢???

  8. hello chloe, i have been following you from flickr, your collection are amazing.
    ans i try jauce now , hehe
    thanks for your info

    rement price are insane now (flickr id : dee the fellowship of rement)

  9. err... i will try too make a blog about my rement too, but since i am a working mom, its looks like my blog never appear :p