Re-ment American Kitchen

I moved the kitchen set up from my Ikea glass cabinet and displayed in this diorama so I could reach everything and play with them. Today I used it as the background to take photos of this set: American Kitchen.

As a Japanese collectable toy manufacturer, Re-ment did great job creating miniatures in Asian theme. It has only released two sets of American theme so far: American Kitchen and Dreamy American Life. Re-ment also made sincere effort to design the American theme. It exceeds my expectation indeed. I got the 'Ameican Kitchen set' from Jauce and it was secondhand. But it seemed really new when I opened it so I'm happy. There are 10 boxes in this set as usual.

The paper notes in this set are very special. The sealing stamp on each envelope is different according to the content.

When you open them you see different roles on the back of the sealing stamps indicating the person who wrote the message.

Here is the example showing all the contents when opening the envelope. Finally I can read the note in Re-ment box because the message is written in English. It also has Japanese translation on the side. Messages are in different format  including letter, email and greeting card.

1. Breakfast (Trix Cereal?)

2. Daddy's Meal

3.Birthday Cake

4. Baby Products

5. School Day

6. After School

The belt was broken so I taped it. It was the only defect in this used set.

7. Party with Friend

8. Grocery Shopping

9. Merry Christmas

10. Grandma's Cookies

Do you like this set? Does it remind you of anything in daily life? :)

Miss Rainbow Who is Always Cheerful

My birthday was on Sep.5th so I got myself a gift. Although I always buy toys I did consider this one a birthday gift. Because she, Miss Rainbow, is so special. She arrived in a box with a postcard. The introduction on her box is:Miss Rainbow, who is always cheerful. I often saw her pictures on Flickr and felt so in love with this figure all the time because she just made you feel happy. When I opened the box and saw a real one, it so lit up my day. I thought I would take her to everywhere with me. She IS cheerful!

It arrived on last Wednesday but I didn't have time to open the box until Friday which was on my birthday! So now her birthday is the same as mine.

I had a nice walk by the river near my office building and took a photo of her and her little friend chick there.

Everything looks so pretty. The nature backdrop is already cheerful. And plus Miss Rainbow! I feel blessed.

Also it's Chinese Mid-autumn Festival on Sep.8th Beijing time. We had mooncakes together. Aria and Miss Rainbow shared the cake together. I allowed them to have food in bed only on special days.

This cupcake was a little gift I got for my birthday from a friend. Spencer and Miss Rainbow decided to win the cheery on it over me.

If you are interested in getting one, here's the link of it:

Fluffy House is a character design company who own their self-products. They have some amazing figures you may want to check out. Miss Rainbow goes really fast. The first time when I tried to order it was out of stock. But they will have it back to stock soon.