How are you?

How are you my Blogger friends?

My Blythe doll family update:

New girl Didee is from Germany. She is customized by artist Kati. Didee was a long-hair doll but I asked Kati to cut it short. Here are some photos taken by Kati:

A quick update:

Our daughter was born on June.4th. She hits 6 week today! I had a very smooth pregnancy and delivery so we didn’t expect being a mother was hard. Plus my mom always told me how easy when I was a new born -she said I slept through the night after the first month! I am not that lucky. Although my daughter is very cute and adorable, and I want to hold her as much as I can, still I need at least couple hours of sleep each day. She needed to be held all the time for the first couple of weeks until we bought a fisher price snuggle swing. The swing saved my arms (my life!). And this week her acid-reflux condition seems getting better. Maybe she outgrows it fast.

Do I enjoy being a mom? Yes very much! 
Do I miss my old days? Yes very much! I miss Mr.Sleep the most! 

I wish I could have more time to blog. I miss you guys very much! I hope you are doing well. I still read your posts on the phone. We'll catch up soon.