Quick Update about My Dolls!! Rachel is Back with A New Friend.

Hello my dear readers! I hope you enjoy the fall-winter season. :)

I am so excited because I never expected I could get Rachel back so fast. She left about 1.5 months ago and had a trip to China to have her customization. The Chinese lady, who is a great artist and has lots of experience of Blythe doll customization, promised that she would send Rachel back to me before Christmas. But... today? I was informed to receive her earlier but not like this early, far from Christmas, even Thanksgiving! Anyway, I am happy and grateful.

The weather is not very nice today. So I stayed home and took some photos. I should have taken better photos but I can't wait to share with you. I like her painted eyelids so much. Blue and pink, mushroom and bunny!

Rachel looked like this before (also not bad I think):
She's given four pairs of new eye chips. This is her new look: her nose and mouth were carved to new shape. Her cheeks were made more blushful. She was given a lot of freckles. I think she looks adorable now.

And Rachel brought a little friend back to the dollhouse. She's from China, and was customized by the same person. Her base doll is a Takara Punkaholic. Because Rachel got four pairs of new eye chips so two pairs of Rachel's original eye chips was given to this girl.
She looks sad. Maybe homesick? Sweetie, this is your new home now and I hope you like the new family. She doesn't have a name yet. I had a hard time thinking of name for my doll. So this time may I have some help from you? What shall I name her? Any good idea?
I look forward to spend more time with them and take more photos for them in the future.