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5/17/2014 FASHION

5/14/2014 Aria is Home!
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Name: Aria (三毛)
Birthday: May 14

Aria traveled and came home in her school uniform.She has a head of floppy, frizzy hair. I suppose her role is a college student in the big Blythe family, still, for me she is a little girl wearing bows of pink ribbon and a very cute doll. Her eyes are very pretty even that they never wide open. I will get to know her more and introduce to you.

Welcome home, Aria!

Eyes - Light Green

 Eyes - Dark Green

Eyes - Pink

Eyes - Blue 
Aria's size compared with Betty:

BTW, I haven't finished building the diorama...I am still waiting for UHU glue to arrive. I don't know why it took forever...:(

Tuxedo Cats Make Up

Tuxedo cat (Milky) is teaching her younger sister (Coffee) do make up.

Milky: Put on powder to get beautiful, flawless skin.
Coffee: I think we cats don't need that. We already have perfect skin. 

Milky: Next, wear false eyelash before you use mascara.
Coffee: Can't I use mascara directly?
Milky: Honey, sorry, the Sylvanian designers didn't give us eyelash.

Milky: You look different now, Sweety, you have long eyelash. It's beautiful.

Closer look:

Milky: Which color of eye shadow do you like?
Coffee: How about blue? I am in blue dress.

Milky: Blue is beautiful on you. Now let's make the lips sexy.
Coffee: Oh, but i think i don't have lips.
Milky: Whoops! So maybe we can add some color on the tip of nose.

Closer look:

Milky: See how beautiful you are. Now the finishing powder will help the makeup last longer.
Coffee: Thank you sister.

Milky: Let me comb your hairs. Hairs are so important to cats.

Milky: Ok, Beauty, you are a big girl now. Wear a little bit perfume before going to the date.

~O(∩_∩)O~    Done.

Is Coffee a beautiful cat? She has the perfect makeup and smells good. I bet she will rock the date tonight. And thanks for Milky's help. She is a very sweet sister.  

P.S. Milky and Coffee are real names of two cats of my mom's. She has 6 in total.  

Re-ment Petit Cosmetic

Re-ment Petit Cosmetic was released in 2005. There are 5 different kinds of figures and one kind of a different color version. I got this from eBay and the seller clearly stated that the "bonus version" wasn't included so I didn't expect the surprise. But I am still looking for the white AnnaSui version (the normal version is black as shown in the following picture) with a reasonable price.  

Now let me introduce the details of the 5 boxes:

1. Princess 
(including case, eye shadow, face powder, cotton bar, hand mirror, comb and perfume.)
The princess set is the highlights of the whole thing. The price also goes highest if you buy it separately. The bonus version is the same design but in white color. The face powder, as you can see, is a kind of loose powder with colorful pearly particle. It is amazingly detailed because they are not glued together. They are separate. The cotton swab is made of real material (not plastic or clay). The whole set is so real. I also love the flower pattern on each item and obviously it implies a real-life cosmetic brand, Anna Sui, which is famous for the same flower pattern. In the picture you can see a mini hand mirror (which I never turned over to show the mirror face) is chained with the comb and perfume. It is almost identical to a real Anna Sui one except for the size. lol.

2. Sweet
(including makeup case, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, nail polish, moisturizing lotion, lip gloss sets and perfume.)
The set makes me think of Lancome which also use a Rose-kind flower as their logo. But the print on the petit package is LA PLUME DE PARIS. Is it French? Notice every eye shadow box of the five re-ment sets has a cotton bar and can be taken out. Every eye shadow or powder can be opened and closed. Also every mascara, lipstick, nail polish can open the lid.

3. Modern
(including makeup case, eye shadow, lip pen, blusher, blush brush, powder, brush pot and perfume.)
This is my least favorite among the five, if there must be one. The reason is all the beautiful print is stickers instead of really printing them on the package. See the 3rd picture below and guess where the mini vintage Barbie from. I will have a new post to introduce my mini Barbie collections.

I love the mini Barbie figure.

4. Natural
(including cosmetic bag, powder, cleansing oil, face soap, eye shadows, eye cream, night cream, brightening lotion, treatment mask and puff.)
This is my second favorite after the Anna Sui Princess set. It's more like the products I like to use in life. Though NRK is a real Korean cosmetic brand, I think the package and products are more like DHC - a Japanese cosmetic.

It Prints "High Quality Puff".
Oh I don't think you are ideal salesperson here, Mr.Beast. 
Here you are, Beauty.
Why is there only one lid for 5 boxes?

5. Actress
(including makeup case, liquid foundation, eye shadow, lip stick/gloss, false eyelashes, cream, powder and perfume. Who knows the three colored boxes?)
In this set, I like the lip stick. And the small glue stick in the false eyelashes box amazes me.

 selected products that I like most from each set:

Thank for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.