Christmas Tree

Hi friends, sorry for being absent from blog for weeks. It’s a busy season, isn’t it? I miss all of you and your posts. I am going to read all the posts which I’ve missed in the last month because I’ll have a full next week off. *Excited*
Christmas is coming! It is definitely one of the most popular holidays all around the world. The smell of Christmas trees is in the air. Many families in our neighborhood have kids so it has already been an exhibition of Christmas Décor since late November. I enjoy my after-dinner walk every day and look at those beautiful Christmas decorations by our neighbors. But we decided not to invest anything outdoor this year to reduce inventory in case that we would move to another state next year. Today we went to Home Depot and got a 7-inch Christmas tree. I haven’t finished decorating it yet. Have you got a tree and finished decorating? :)
And I had several mini Christmas trees saved from last year. I thought the size was too big to fit in the Blythe diorama but it turned out ok. It’s a little taller than the wall so the star on the top isn’t in the picture. I didn’t find the one with colored lights. The tree in the picture with green lights is not my favorite but it looks not bad in the diorama. I hope you still like it. Because I am too lazy to make any mini boxed gifts put under the tree, I put some of my Hallmark Fisher-Price miniature toy collections. I would like to introduce you the details of them in the future.
Happy Holiday! My dear Blogger friends!
Rachel is a great helper.