Sylvanian Bookstore,Handcraft Shop and Some Others

I haven't posted anything about Sylvanian Families for a while. Not because I jumped into the Blythe pool and forgot our little animal friends, but because I didn't come up with a new story idea yet. Not being very creative in the hot season but I will keep thinking. Of course our critter friends are going on their daily life.

Today I want to share some new treasures to my Sylvanian collection. Some of them are my recent won from Yahoo Japan. First there are the book store set and handcraft shop that I'd craved for for a long time. You rarely see them in the market today since they were released many years ago. Both of the two sets have many accessories. It needed to be simply assembled just like other Sylvanian toys. The color, mint blue for the book shelves and dark pink for the handcraft shop, always look adorable.

The Book Store: Every drawer can be opened and the two scissors are operative. Postcards were nicely printed. Books have very very cute covers.

More stuff hides here. Plz neglect my huge fingers...

The Handcraft Shop: It has an instruction paper and shows you how to wind the wool. And it asks you to mark the eyes and nose of the little bear. The bear comes in its shape but you can see the packed material behind it, an unfinished rabbit, is waiting for you to stitch. I didn't really make it so I followed the instruction paper to pack it into the provided plastic bag and pasted the label. It gives few tiny buttons to fill the drawer but I will add more of my craft beads later. It also gives a thick well-made fabric sheet but I don't know where to put. So I will just save it for someone's bedding I think.  

Some other things I got are the streetlight set, the stew set (still available on BeHappy), a new sofa set (from BeHappy too) and the concert set. I opened all except for the concert set. Some more pictures I took:

It's pretty bright right? Guess where the switch is? It's hidden in one of the flowering shrub piece.

I didn't take very detailed pictures for the stew set. But my readers, help yourself to the delicious food here. There are 3 kinds: cream, brown and vegetable.

Try the new couch in the house: the color is great!

I also moved the study room from the Red-Roof Vacation House because our Sylvanian friends don't want to study when they are on vacation...the stationery series are from Re-ment OL(office lady) set. It's a great re-ment set and I highly recommend you click the link and see.

Thanks for reading. Their boxes look like: 

Let's Try On

Friendship starts...
Today I invited Licca to try on some new RM outfits I've introduced in last couple posts. Licca is the perfect model for RM outfits. Though those clothes fit Blythe doll too, somehow I think Blythe's big head will steal the show. The outfits in the pictures below may not be the best match because it's hard to pair RM summer dresses with the winter purses. I also added some of my other collectons to make it look nice. Hope you enjoy it.    O(∩_∩)O

Link to the introduction of this two RM petite mode collection:

Re-ment Petite Shoes And Purses

Doll outfits are expensive. Since I started adopting Blythe dolls (actually maybe since last Thanksgiving)I didn't buy any clothes/shoes/purses for myself. This box of re-ment petite mode collection are about shoes and purses. It seems that most of them are for winter because they look pretty warm. The price is much lower compared with regular Blythe outfits in the market considering you get so many in a big box. Some of them are too small for Azone body. But they perfectly fit Licca or Blythe original body. It's pretty amazing that they were produced and sent to market years ago, and they are still stylish today. 

P.S. The mushroom bags are not included in this set.