Merry Christmas! ♥♥♥

Hello friends on Blogger! How are you doing? I bet you are busy with life too in this holiday season. It has been a long time since I posted something. Year 2015 is incredible for me:

- 2nd year in my marriage
- 1st time Mom
- 1st time to meet my baby Lillian in June
- did my first surgery (not the delivery of my child, it's the ACL reconstruction on my right knee)
- will move to LA (Los Angeles) after Christmas.

So talking about the moving… Honestly I didn’t have a good first impression on the city LA when I spent a couple days there with my college friends. I like peaceful rural towns instead of a busy city with crazy traffic. But overall I feel happy about the moving because I love seeing the different scenery along west coast. I miss the trips to Oregon and California. I miss the sea, mountain covered by snow, dessert and forest. I miss the good food there. I miss the feeling of starting a new journey again. I expect that life will be different, challenging but still good.

Who has some New Year Wishes? Hands up! Here's mine:

- the best for family and friends
- speed recovery from the knee surgery
- moving will go smoothly
- will be happily adapted to new life in LA
- enjoy being a mother in every way
- have more time to play my hobby and post here

Are you excited about the holiday? Anything new happened in your life this year? Any 2016 New Year Wishes?Thank you so much for hanging around on blogger with me for almost 2 years. I am here sending love and hugs to all of you. 

Wish you a happiest Christmas and new year!

Hallmark Christmas House this year:

Packed all my toys and collection to move with us! :)

My dear Lillian when she was one month old:

around Halloween time when she was four months old:

Now she is a 6-month-old strong baby who already can stand up! Where does the time go?