Hello West Coast California!

Hello West Coast California!

Long time no see on blogger since I moved to Los Angeles.

I’ve been so busy with life but didn’t stop hanging out with my dolls. I’ve always been in love with the sceneries of the west coast. Personally I think it’s more attractive than Florida (where I moved from) because of its diversity. What else in Florida besides beach anyway? Here I see not only beach, but also mountains, hills, oases, deserts, and snow and more species of plants, especially tons of flowers in the spring-summer season. They beauty of west coast is the best backdrop when shooting dolly photos out of the door. 

I always post my photo on Instagram due to my tight schedule. So if we are INS friends you may have seen the following pictures that I am going to post here today. But who doesn’t like to see more of the beauty of nature? 

I miss chatting with you all on blogger. So if you just happen to see the post, please stop by and comment. You may just say hi so I will know that you are still active on blogger. Lots of love!

02/07/2016 @Huntington Library






03/27/2016 @The Flower Fields

03/28/2016 @La Jolla Cove, Ca

06/26/2016 @Santa Monica Beach