Mother's Day

Here is the greatest woman in the world. Her name is 'Mom'.

She takes care of us,

cleans our home,

cooks for the family,

 prepares for our lunch box,

 does the laundry,

shops for our needs,

Here are good pictures submitted by other Sylvanian fans:

Author: Sylvanako
I really enjoy all Sylvanako's photos and highly recommend you to check out his Flickr album:  (lol, I got an email from Sylvanako and he introduced to me that he's a father of three. Sorry it was my bad to suppose the gender before asking. ....and,..Sylvanako,..will your kids be too happy to have a daddy who can take sylvanian pictures like this ???!!!)

Author: Niuniuhigh
Niuniuhigh is a famous fan of Sylvanian Families from China. She has been collecting for years and has many treasures. 

Welcome Home, Betty!

I am not a fan of Blythe doll so until after receiving this petite Blythe for couple months I didn't officially welcome her home. Today I came up with an idea that petite blythe may visit my bunnies in the sylvanian dollhouse because the size would match. I fell in love with her quickly after getting her out of the package and decided to personalize her in my way. She is know as Rainbow Wish in petite Blythe family. I gave her a new name - Betty, because today my old boss called me Betty in the email to make fun.

Betty in the original package:

Betty is free now! Yeah!

 Her original look was like: 

 I washed the original clothes:

Gave her a new look: (God this was my first time to customize a doll and luckily it was in control and turned out maybe not perfect but well. )

Betty started making new friends in this new home.

So this is my girl, Betty, let's hope her having good time here.

Re-ment Vintage Home Appliances

I only have two sets of this series(#3,#5) and regret not to buy more. Now they are hard to find in the market and very expensive.

I remember that my family had an old-style TV like this in 1990's. That was the first TV in my memory. Of course it had no remote control and limited channel. In that old time the word "computer" didn't pop up in our brain yet and television played an important role in the leisure time of a family. This toy is amazing and leads you to good old memory. You can really turn the knob, and there are 4 different stories provided. I like the TV table too. It can be easily put into my dollhouse and make a scene.

Re-ment actually has two phone sets in Vintage Home Appliance. I chose this one because, hey,mint was so popular last year. My eyes were bombed by the color of mint at any time when I shopped last year. But this re-ment sets came out in 2006 and as a vintage phone, this one is a trendsetter. A sandy clock and a phone book go with it. The phone stand is also a perfect dollhouse shelf.    


Here is a poster for all 10 sets. I am fond of all the sets that I don't have yet and particular in love with #4,6,7,10. I will keep looking for good deal and hope that I'll collect a near complete set in the future.