Welcome Home, Betty!

I am not a fan of Blythe doll so until after receiving this petite Blythe for couple months I didn't officially welcome her home. Today I came up with an idea that petite blythe may visit my bunnies in the sylvanian dollhouse because the size would match. I fell in love with her quickly after getting her out of the package and decided to personalize her in my way. She is know as Rainbow Wish in petite Blythe family. I gave her a new name - Betty, because today my old boss called me Betty in the email to make fun.

Betty in the original package:

Betty is free now! Yeah!

 Her original look was like: 

 I washed the original clothes:

Gave her a new look: (God this was my first time to customize a doll and luckily it was in control and turned out maybe not perfect but well. )

Betty started making new friends in this new home.

So this is my girl, Betty, let's hope her having good time here.


  1. I think it's a lovely doll, Moonrabbit :). She's so cute in her little dress and the bunny ears :D.
    Many greetings,

    1. Betty said, "thank you, and nice to meet you Kyra."

  2. I like the way Betty fits in your Sylvanian world, Moonrabbit_ly! Your mini scene with the bunny on the bed is adorable! xo Jennifer

  3. I don't own a Petite Blythe. Only LPS Blythe dolls. But I have not opened any of them yet. I was not sure I would like them and I kept them in their box for my daughter. But you are making me change my mind. You made Betty fit perfectly in the Sylvanian world. It's a wonderful idea!

    1. Oh I just saw this. Haha it's a good idea to wait until you feel it's ready to open the boxes, especially you have a girl and you can give to her. For me in this case it's always an impulsive buy at the first place so that I didn't like it as much as when I bought it. Luckily, Betty is adorable and I like her so much now. Some of my other un-opened boxes went to eBay for sale again. ^_^