2014 Photo Review

I was looking through the photos on my Flickr account today, and was surprised to see how many photos have been posted since I joined in Flickr in January 2014. I have 366 photos in 27 albums by now and most of them are about my hobby, yes, Re-ment miniature stuff, Blythe dolls and Sylvanian families. I think I do work hard on playing them last year.
(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ A screen shot of my Flickr Album Page:https://www.flickr.com/photos/114286982@N02/sets/
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So I want to do a review of my work and select some photos I took that I really like from the last year. You may have seen them already here in my blog or on Flickr. But...how about having a cup of tea and enjoying them one more time with me?





Sylvanian Families:


Did you have fun? Thanks for reading. I hope I will have time and energy to take more photos and do a blog review 2015 like this in the beginning of next year.
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Re-ment Mushroom Sundries

Dear Friends!
I’d like to introduce you this Re-ment set that I really like a lot --- the Mushroom Sundries. I got this box from Jauce (www.jauce.com) together with some other Re-ment collections. There are some cute subjects in life that I always like and mushroom is one of them.

For those who have read my other Re-ment reviews before, you know I used to take photos of each small box and introduce every detail. I wish I could still follow that style. This time the worktable I used for presenting those minis was pretty low and due to my pregnancy, I had a hard time to bend over. It had taken me a lot of energy already to display all boxes together and took the group photo. So I apologize that I don't have individual photo for each one. I only took couple that I really liked a lot. I may find an easy way to take photos in the future because Re-ment miniatures really amaze me and I love to record every detail of them.

I hope you smile when you see the cuteness of this set and have a great week! =)

I like the green plant, little cactus, slippers, toothbrush set, basket, stationery set, bookends....too much...

The paper display shelf is included in this set:
10 boxes in this set:
What do you like? =)

Christmas, New Year, Babymoon

Dear friends! Happy New Year!

I hope it's not too late to say Happy New Year 2015. And I hope you all had/are having good time during holidays. I've been busy since the holiday season in last November so I stopped posting my blog. I miss here. I miss reading your posts. I am BACK!

The good news that I want to share with you is that I've been pregnant for 20 weeks now. This is my first baby so I am going through different emotional stages: excited, nervous, confuse, excited, worry, excited...Being blessed by God, I am very grateful because I never have any obvious uncomfortable feelings physically. I didn’t experience morning sickness. My angel baby is offering me a smooth and steady pregnancy. And I will find out girl/boy at my next OB visit. *Exciting…*

Sorry I don’t have new photos about miniatures/toys/dolls this time. I’d like to share some photos about Christmas holiday and our baby moon road trip to Miami.

Our Christmas tree this year:

We spent the Christmas Eve with a family who are our best friends here. The American couple had been living in China for 7 years. They love Chinese food and the wife cooks Chinese regularly for their kids. We cooked and had a Chinese dinner together on that night.

Opening gift on Christmas morning:

First day of our 4-day babymoon---Palm Beach, FL:

See my cute baby bump?

Day 2---Island Queen Cruise in Miami:

We were introduced about the man-made islands on the sea and huge fancy vacation houses owned by rich people. This pink house you see in the picture belongs to Michael Jackson's ex-wife.

I craved for Japanese food all the way:
I can't eat raw seafood during pregnancy so this went to my hubby's stomach...*Jealousy*

Day 3---Everglades National Park:

Day 4---On the way back, we stopped by Cocoa Beach (1-hour drive from Orlando) and had fresh crabs there.
$17 for 7 big crabs...It was so good so we bought 10 more to bring back home.
The way to eat them was pretty violent...We were provided a hammer on each table so you guess...

Thanks for reading my blog and exchanging ideas with me in 2014. I hope we keep having fun in our life in 2015. Love you!