Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year! This year is...Monkey!

Have you heard of Chinese animal zodiac for the year? There are 12 of them. Year 2016 is the Monkey year. I heard that American super bowl on last Sunday mentioned about it. Last year was Sheep, so sheep is my daughter's zodiac.  My personal zodiac is Dragon which is the only unrealistic "animal". But maybe it's real but no one has seen one, who knows? lol.

Anyway, thank you for being my blogger friends last year. May you and your family have a great Monkey year! May your good wishes come true! May you feel happier and healthier! May your life is full of joy and love!

A little scene for the new year:

Didee wants the perfect bonsai for the new year. o((>ω< ))o

In fact, I've never tried bonsai in real life. Have you tried one?