Re-ment Dogs' Happy Life

Dear blogger friends, how's your weekend so far? It was raining again here this afternoon. Good thing of the weather is that I don't need to water our backyard.

Today I'm playing with dogs, well, in the miniature world. I love cats because my parents have 6 in my hometown. I grew up with cats. I also love dogs; they are simply cute, smart and loyal. I love bunny because one was my first serious pet, and his name was Moonrabbit. Ok, now you know where the name came. Basically I like all animals (including snakes I am not afraid of them) except for worms, bugs, or any insects. I am very very afraid of insects! Ok, now back to the topic, Re-ment did a great job (just like any other old sets) with this dog theme. Each of the dogs is flocked so they look real and lived. They have different face expressions and act differently. I love watch them, and place them in my diorama scene. There's no translation available on Dora's website so let's guess by reading the photos.

1. Mom, did I do a good job helping you with the grocery?

2. I'd rather sit next to the heater when it's freezing outside.

3. It hurts...woofwoof...but I'm trying to be brave.

Aw, Sweety, I don't think bananas will help so this is what I prepared...

But I think what you really need is...

 4. It is my nap time with my favorite teddy. Mom's clothes smell like...Mom!

5. - Can we play hide and seek? I'll hide myself in this big orange box.
   - Silly, you don't tell people where you hide when playing this game.

6. I'm definitely the coolest dog in this neighborhood. What? Girlfriend? Let me count...

7. Again, please!

8. This is a love story...

9. We are puppies and waiting for love. 

10. Daddy made me a new room? Yeah! I have my own room. 

11. (The secret box) Come on kitty, I don't mind sharing food with you. 

This is interesting. RM gives a cat as the secret box in Dog's theme.

Here is a full view of my miniature Washitsu layout. I have an Ikea display glass cabinet and it has 5 cubes. I wanted to make five scenes and now finished two -> the kitchen and this Washitsu style room. I will add more things so it's the 1st version. I may write a post to introduce the details in the future after I am very satisfied with the layout. Any advice will be really appreciated. (。◕ ‿ ◕。)

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To see more details about the Re-ment Hinamatsuri Set:

Good nite. ~   ❤~

Gift Exchange With Jane Chérie

Hello blog friends!!How's the weekend? How's the weather there? Me, doing well, though being accompanied by thunder ringing now, in a joyful mood, is sharing with you my first gift exchange experience with a wonderful blog friend, Jane Chérie.

Jane's blog link is:

Jane is one of my earliest blog followers and of course she's into miniature, dolls and Sylvanian families too. Her blog always inspires me so much. Not only will you see her beautiful collection of all kinds of toys, but you are also introduced about toy manufacturers and other information. Thank you so much Jane! When we communicated with each other about this gift exchange through email, I felt that you are so nice and friendly and thoughtful. When I got your package and immediately opened it, I was surprised that you sent me so many things. I was so so so excited and grateful and ran to my computer writing thank you note to you...and it was funny, like you already knew, I was super excited and kept pressing the wrong button on the keyboard so you got two blank emails from me before the real one.

Here is what Jane sent me: Wow!!! They are too many to appear in one scene. She sent me a little Pullip doll, two Re-ment boxes, a pet cat, a cute Disney pin, a very cute outfit for little doll, and a plate of delicious fruit salad. I hope I didn't miss counting anything

Here is a group photo taken after I opened all the things. All the furniture is Tomy vintage items that I found on eBay. Betty is the model for this new cute outfit. All other things are from my generous friend Jane.

Jane sent me this gorgeous girl, Craziia, who arrives in Scottish-style outfit. She is so pretty (don't blame me but I think she's prettier than Betty...). Betty is a cute little girl, but Craziia is more eye-catching and delicate. She looks perfect to me. She has big beautiful green eyes and eyebrows. She's my first Pullip so I just know Pullip has eyebrows which I like I lot. Her red lips are so pretty, so is her straight long blond hairs.

Before this post (for sure after I took all the pictures), I checked the Amazon link Jane sent me in the email about Craziia's profile and saw her commercial picture looks like this:

So, again, I made my doll wear her hat in a wrong way (last time was Spencer). HAHAHA. Her jacket looks black in the picture but its actual color is dark green. It's really well-made and beautiful. Also it comes with her scarf (not pictured) which I thought was a purse before seeing the Amazon picture. Oh she's beautiful and cute!! So is her pet cat!! Thank you so much Jane.

Welcome you, Craziia!

And Pullip's stand is a star shape. I didn't know it before. It's so cuteeeeee!!

And Betty appreciates her new outfit. I didn't know where to buy Betty's size of clothes so she were wearing mini Licca doll's outfit (way too big) besides her official one. This outfit set is more than cute. It's art!! I love love love the lion crochet hat and it fits Betty so well. It even helps make her a new hairstyle. Yeah! \(•‿•)/ \ (•‿•)/ \(•‿•)/

(╯。◕ ‿ ◕。)╯

Betty finally got a good friend of her size besides Sylvanian animals.

And they are having a dumpling date! Betty is good at making dumplings (because I taught her). Thanks Jane for offering me this wonderful re-ment dumpling set. I craved for it for a long time. The sauce bottles are so real. So are the dumplings.

Craziia is having some fruit salad from Jane before the dumpling is ready.
And, Craziia, wrong hat again!!! (╯°□°)╯

And I can't believe that Jane sent me this Yokan Jelly which is one of the most popular and hard-to-get box from Re-ment Japanese Wa Sweets. I didn't have anything in this set so I was so grateful and happy to get it. Wa Sweets is one of the most wonderful Re-ment sets in its heyday. 

Another shot:

Dumpling (also called pot sticker??) is ready!

How real the burnt look is!!

Thank you for everything Jane! You are so generous. And most of all, thank you for making the gift exchange work. I am a new blogger and this is my first gift exchange experience so I totally had no idea if it was a good idea. When I first sent Jane an email on Flickr I was thinking about a Re-ment giveaway. I didn't plan an exchange. But Jane responded me very fast and nicely offered an exchange opportunity. I am so lucky to know you and hope you like what I sent you too.
And my dear readers, like what I said, I am a new blogger. I appreciate very much of your every visit and comment. I especially thank you my top commenters: Jennifer(Plushpussycat), Kyra(Somnium), 小屋(happyvalley littlehouse), Krin(KrinRementLiccaBlog), Hannah(Hannahsminiatyrer), Carry(Carry's Miniature), Sylvanako,Paige(SylvanianLiving), and of course, Jane(Jane Chérie). And many others.