Christmas Tree

Hi friends, sorry for being absent from blog for weeks. It’s a busy season, isn’t it? I miss all of you and your posts. I am going to read all the posts which I’ve missed in the last month because I’ll have a full next week off. *Excited*
Christmas is coming! It is definitely one of the most popular holidays all around the world. The smell of Christmas trees is in the air. Many families in our neighborhood have kids so it has already been an exhibition of Christmas Décor since late November. I enjoy my after-dinner walk every day and look at those beautiful Christmas decorations by our neighbors. But we decided not to invest anything outdoor this year to reduce inventory in case that we would move to another state next year. Today we went to Home Depot and got a 7-inch Christmas tree. I haven’t finished decorating it yet. Have you got a tree and finished decorating? :)
And I had several mini Christmas trees saved from last year. I thought the size was too big to fit in the Blythe diorama but it turned out ok. It’s a little taller than the wall so the star on the top isn’t in the picture. I didn’t find the one with colored lights. The tree in the picture with green lights is not my favorite but it looks not bad in the diorama. I hope you still like it. Because I am too lazy to make any mini boxed gifts put under the tree, I put some of my Hallmark Fisher-Price miniature toy collections. I would like to introduce you the details of them in the future.
Happy Holiday! My dear Blogger friends!
Rachel is a great helper.


Quick Update about My Dolls!! Rachel is Back with A New Friend.

Hello my dear readers! I hope you enjoy the fall-winter season. :)

I am so excited because I never expected I could get Rachel back so fast. She left about 1.5 months ago and had a trip to China to have her customization. The Chinese lady, who is a great artist and has lots of experience of Blythe doll customization, promised that she would send Rachel back to me before Christmas. But... today? I was informed to receive her earlier but not like this early, far from Christmas, even Thanksgiving! Anyway, I am happy and grateful.

The weather is not very nice today. So I stayed home and took some photos. I should have taken better photos but I can't wait to share with you. I like her painted eyelids so much. Blue and pink, mushroom and bunny!

Rachel looked like this before (also not bad I think):
She's given four pairs of new eye chips. This is her new look: her nose and mouth were carved to new shape. Her cheeks were made more blushful. She was given a lot of freckles. I think she looks adorable now.

And Rachel brought a little friend back to the dollhouse. She's from China, and was customized by the same person. Her base doll is a Takara Punkaholic. Because Rachel got four pairs of new eye chips so two pairs of Rachel's original eye chips was given to this girl.
She looks sad. Maybe homesick? Sweetie, this is your new home now and I hope you like the new family. She doesn't have a name yet. I had a hard time thinking of name for my doll. So this time may I have some help from you? What shall I name her? Any good idea?
I look forward to spend more time with them and take more photos for them in the future.

Re-ment Elementary-School Stationery

Compared to the previous Re-ment stationery set that I've introduced in one previous post, this one, directly translated as "Elementary-School Stationery", contains more Japanese cultural elements. Although it's amazingly detailed, you can see the previous set is generally about all kinds of student stationery which you may see in both Asia and Western countries. Both of the two sets have high quality. But I definitely need to introduce the background about this set more because of the cultural element. I don't know Japanese, but a few Japanese words are identical as Chinese characters. And I can relate to most of the things in the set because they were my childhood and my elementary school life as well.

1. Schoolbag
You can see two exercise books and a clarinet. And there are some small pieces of paper (I don't know what those are).

The blue book with the print of dog is used for teacher-parent contacts. It was like we record a list of homework in it when our teachers assigned daily and add a checkmark once we finish a line on the list. Each night parents took a look at the list and made sure we finished all the tasks and signed their name and left comment for the class teacher. The next day teacher will go through all the parents'signatures of the whole class and leave feedback if needed. Next to it is an exercise book for Japanese. Yes, just like American students have English class, we all have a class named our mother language. And I don't know if it's still like that, but when I was little, we were asked by school to learn a small music instrument. We could select between clarinet and harmonica. :)

2. "Four Treasures of the Study"
It generally means the writing brush, ink stick, ink stone and paper. In ancient east countries including China and Japan, calligraphy was a necessary capability for people who were considered as "educated" or "scholar". Of course our generation is not required to learn it but see it as a hobby, art and skill too.

This kit for calligraphy includes writing brush*2, inkstone, inkstick, ink bottle, water bottle, paperweight and a writing book which is more than 4 treasures and basically all you need to do calligraphy. Although calligraphy was not any more a necessary skill when we were little, we were regularly assigned writing-practice homework so we still had a similar kit at home like this mini one. We were not expected to reach an expert level or any good performance. It's really difficult to do it right without tons of practice. Teachers and parents asked us to do it so that we would learn to be patient, calm and persistence. It's a lesson more about character building than writing skill. Today some Chinese seniors are still very good at it. Like the current Chinese president, his calligraphy skill is very good.

3. Chemistry Lab
I have no idea what's this experiment about. Actually I didn't start to learn chemistry until junior school. But in high school we could choose either chemistry or physics as our main major. And I chose physics. After that I gave all my chemistry sense back to teacher and remembered nothing about it...

The round thing looks like a potato to me...And the purple thing in the test tube reminds me of iodine.

4. Music
I think it's like a toy instrument set that kids always have and play the little band with the playmates.

The little instruction book introduces different small instruments. Each page is different.

5. Kids' Meal
I heard in Japan kids are provided with milk at lunch. When I was in elementary school milk was given after two morning classes. And after another two morning classes we would have lunch. A snack would be provided in the afternoon.

I wonder what's in the small pink bag.

6. Picnic
Awww I love the pink rabbit lunchbox set. I will definitely buy one for my kid in the future since I am too old for that. :P

Pocky pocky pocky! Very popular snack in Japan and China.

Did I show you this photo? We have far more flavors in China than those in the Asian market here.

7. Abacus
It seems like another Asian thing in this box --abacus. But I don't have experience with it. Guess I was born too late when advanced technology appeared. But I know in some school abacus class is provided as a hobby. It's an old thing just like calligraphy. I like the cute pencil boxes and other small things in this set. I forgot including the snack when taking the photos.

8. After School
Skipping-rope, puzzle, snack, little cups, sketch book and color pens and a toy called "Tomy Wonderful Ring".

Tomy Wonderful Ring Google Picture:

9. My Treasures
A yellow panda cup, clock, electrical pencil sharpener, comic book and bookend, piggy bank and wishing bottles.

10. Sewing Kit
Unfortunately, unless you learned it by purpose, my generation in China didn't have any school class teaching sewing. My mom doesn't know it either so no one ever taught me how. But in Japan sewing class is very basic starting at a young age. What an important skill and I regret never to learn it. I could save so much on dolls' outfit if I knew how to sew.

I think this box is a great addition to the sewing machine in Re-ment French Sundries Set.

I hope you enjoy this set and the photos! :) 

I have many fond memories of elementary school life. I was always a good student, had lots of friends. My friends and I lived in the same neighborhood and went to school together. My favorite class was English and the teacher who taught it was my favorite at the time too. I was on TV once attending a contest. And swimming with friends in the summer break was the best time. But sadly all things were shadowed by an abusive female class teacher. I don't want to talk about her here to ruin my post though. But my elementary experience was so much painful because of her that even today I forgave her but never forgot...

Well, I think I may start another post to talk about it in the future...

Re-ment Desk

I planned to take photos for the “elementary school stationery” set. Then I thought since I would set up the desk; why not take a Blythe photo first? After doing it I was already tired and had no energy for taking more photos so I would leave the task till next time I pick up the camera.
So there are only two photos this week. But I hope you enjoy it.
  EmmaGrace: Pokey, I need do homework, can you play alone?
                                Pokey thinking: But it is Friday! :(
Oh there's one more photo that I took weeks ago. Cute dresses for girls. Made by a Japanese crafter.
Have a good weekend!